Leaked Photo Gives First Look At Klingons In STAR TREK: DISCOVERY

A leaked photo surfaced on Saturday, which is said to have been taken by someone currently working on the set of Star Trek: Discovery and may be our first look at the show’s Klingons in full makeup and wardrobe.

“Hanging out with my new Klingon Crew today on the set of the new #startrek”onset-klingon

According to the source of the photo, a friend is “currently working on the set for Star Trek: Discovery,”. The photo’s caption leads us to believe that the person who shot it is working on the show as a Klingon himself.

The other question about this picture is what costume is that on left which you can just make out from the picture posted on Instagram?

But of course the big question is are these Klingons because obviously they look very different to the TOS Klingons which did not have costumes like this!

According to another source today (sunday) on twitter this picture has been reported as FAKE…. we will have to wait and see!



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