Harry Mudd to appear in more than one episode…

It was reported that Rainn Wilson’s Harry Mudd was already in Toronto filming with the rest of the crew. .


But it turns out he’ll be making more than one appearance; according to the July issue of the official Star Trek Magazine, Wilson will be in “multiple” episodes of the first season.

Having Mudd return is familiar territory for Trek. Harcourt Fenton Mudd, played by veteran character actor Roger C. Carmel, was one of the few characters to recur on the original series

The lovable rogue first appeared in the sixth episode of the first season (“Mudd’s Women”) and showed up again in the particularly wacky eighth episode of the second (“I, Mudd”). He then popped up in the animated Star Trek (“Mudd’s Passion”).

Lets hope he comes back in Series 2 if Discovery gets a good reception.