Klingon ‘Torchbearer’ Revealed

Tonight is preview night at San Diego Comic-Con, and one of the most exciting things we have seen so far is at the 3D Systems Gentle Giant Studios booth. They are showing off a scaled-down version of a suit for a Klingon character named ‘The Torchbearer’ from Star Trek: Discovery. The character will appear in the pilot episode.


The suit was designed by Neville Page and Glenn Hetrick. Page and Hetrick are both working on Discovery and regularly featured on Syfy’s Face Off.

The suit was made using 3D Systems’ printing technology. According to a spokesperson, the 3D Systems/Gentle Giant suit could only be done using 3D printing due to “all the intricacies and the undercuts to the whole piece.” Also on display were some Klingon weapons, possibly used by the ‘Torchbearer.’