Review and picture gallery from Discovery pilot

Well I just watched the first and second episode for the forth time and its not long now to the third episode of Discovery..

We will finally get to see the U.S.S Discovery which I personally think looks great and can’t wait to see the ship. I think its prototype from Section 31 but we will have to wait and see.

I was impressed by the two episodes and i think the first episode was much better than the second episode which seemed a bit erratic at times and needed to be cut better. Some of the segments and flash backs seemed out of place and maybe should of been arranged differently.

Its was very dramatic and there was loads of action, yes the Klingons looked very different from TOS and TNG but i thought they looked very good and you could see where all the money has gone.

I was very surprised when i saw holograms used for ship to ship communications. This was used once in DS9 in the episode “For the Uniform” abroad the U.S.S. Defiant but i think the production staff did not like it so we never so it again. Its a bit hi-tech for Discovery as seems very out of place for the time period.

The bridge design of the U.S.S. Shenzhou is massive! and personally i think its a bit too big, but otherwise i do like the bridge. They have used a lot of touch screen technology which feels a bit out of place and a bit futuristic.

Having the bridge on the bottom of the ship is very different and i have not seen any ships from Star Trek with this. The Shenzhou has a window at the front of the bridge which is much like the JJ Star Trek films which i think is a bit silly! Too much of a weakness and i never liked the window idea. A view screen would be much better in my view as this is more like TOS.

The Klingon ships look very different and I was bit surprised when they used the line that they had not seen the Klingons for around 100 years when they killed Michael Burnham’s parents.

The ship to ship fighting is excellent and its the best part in the second episode, there are so many starfleet ships with different designs getting destroyed by the klingons.

The admiral ship is the U.S.S Europa and its a lovely ship with four nacelles shame it gets destroyed but i wonder if he survived the encounter, it would be nice to see him again because i think he is a great actor.

The fight scenes at the end were excellent and its a shame they killed off Captain Georgiou it would of been nice to see her on the bridge of the Discovery.

With the Shenzhou looking badly damaged by the Klingons it looks like they had to leave it derelict in space which is a shame because i thought it was a good design.

Picture Gallery – Episode 1 “The Vulcan Hello”

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Picture Gallery – Episode 2 “Battle at the Binary Stars”

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I am now looking forward to episode 3 of Discovery and here is the trailer…