Is this the release date of Discovery

Ever since Star Trek: Discovery was postponed for the second time, fans have been anxious to learn exactly when we’ll see the new show air on CBS All Access.

The official line is that Discovery has no scheduled airdate, but industry insiders guessed that the show, which is now filming, would probably air sometime in the Fall, as this is CBS’ biggest season. And now, we may have a ballpark figure.

Recently, actor Doug Jones sat down with the Triumph & Disaster podcast to talk about his acting history, and of course the conversation turned to Discovery, Jones plays Lt Saru on the new Star Trek show, a character who serves aboard the USS Discovery.

The initial press release revealed that Saru is an entirely new alien character, which is a fitting part for veteran creature-actor Jones: He’s known for roles like the Gentlemen in Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s episode “Hush”, Abe Sapien in Hellboy, the Pale Man in Pan’s Labyrinth, and many many more. On the podcast, Jones confirmed that Saru is a “new brand of alien”, and that his makeup was quite comprehensive.

Unfortunately, Jones wasn’t allowed to reveal any more information about Discovery, but he did talk about when the show would air. While many fans were expecting to have to wait until late Fall to see the USS Discovery finally leave spacedock, according to Jones’ calculations the show will air much earlier than we thought.

“It’ll air… probably in the Fall. Maybe September-ish” 

So it’s nice to have confirmation that the show will air in early Autumn, and although we may not have many plot details to go on yet, we do know that Discovery will follow two Federation starships — the USS Discovery and the USS Shenzhou — as well as an unnamed Klingon vessel, which could be a Klingon Bird of Prey.