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Another video clip released by CBS@All Access for Discovery


Ted Sullivan expains why the Klingons look different

After months of speculation, it looks like there’s finally a solid explanation for the radical new look for the Klingons on Discovery.

On Thursday, TrekCore excerpted an interview with Discovery writer Ted Sullivan from the magazine SFX. In it, Sullivan explains what the new Klingon Sarcophagus Ship is all about.

“It’s a 200-year-old ship. This is a group of Klingons who’ve gone back to a puritan way of life.

They look very different: they wear armor that’s 200 years old and they don’t have any hair,” Sullivan said.

“ Their commander runs his Klingon house – the house of T’Kuvma – by the rules of Kahless, the Klingon messiah. And he calls himself the second coming of the Klingon messiah.” Sullivan also claimed that this specific Klingon house was one never before seen in any version of Star Terk.


From a production design standpoint, the new Klingons look awesome, but now that they are actually being revealed to be old Klingons. If these Klingons have been isolated from the rest of their species, the differences in their appearances could be explained.

200 years is an interesting figure too, simply because it establishes that Klingons have been capable of interstellar travel way before humans were. The time of the prequel series Star Trek: Enterprise was in the 2150s. Discovery takes place in the 2250s.

Check out the SFX magazine for more details about Star Trek: Discovery

We have some new pictures from the set of Discovery

We have a two new images Of L’Rell from Discovery played by Mary Chieffo.



Also happening this morning, pin maker FanSets has unveiled their new line of Star Trek: Discovery pins on Instagram, with pins representing Captain Georgiou, Saru, T’Kuvma, and the U.S.S. Shenzhou.

As you can see from the U.S.S. Shenzhou pin the starship is a Walker Class, ship designer John Eaves revealed this morning that the Walker class was named after X-15 pilot Jospeh A. Walker.


Klingon ‘Torchbearer’ Revealed

Tonight is preview night at San Diego Comic-Con, and one of the most exciting things we have seen so far is at the 3D Systems Gentle Giant Studios booth. They are showing off a scaled-down version of a suit for a Klingon character named ‘The Torchbearer’ from Star Trek: Discovery. The character will appear in the pilot episode.


The suit was designed by Neville Page and Glenn Hetrick. Page and Hetrick are both working on Discovery and regularly featured on Syfy’s Face Off.

The suit was made using 3D Systems’ printing technology. According to a spokesperson, the 3D Systems/Gentle Giant suit could only be done using 3D printing due to “all the intricacies and the undercuts to the whole piece.” Also on display were some Klingon weapons, possibly used by the ‘Torchbearer.’


CBS release new Discovery trailer

After months and months of waiting, CBS finally released the first trailer for Star Trek: Discovery yesterday and one aspect stood out above all the rest, the Klingon’s new look.

One other interesting aspect about the ancient group of Klingons that should be acknowledged is how religious they were. In the trailer, it seems like the Klingons have gathered together for a religious ceremony.


Georgiou is the captain of the Starship U.S.S Shenzhou. Is that the Shenzou we see coming through the clouds? Georgiou tells Burnham “It’s hard to imagine you’ve served under me for seven years,” as they trek across a desert planet.

USS Shenzhou

I think these two clips are from the first two episodes of Discovery, where the U.S.S Shenzhou finds a mysterious object floating in space. Inside this ship they discovery a race of Klingons which has been asleep for a long time only to be awakened when Burnham boards the ship.


We also get some shots of the inside of the U.S.S Shenzhou and her crew.

These new starfleet uniforms look great and the U.S.S Shenzhou looks very big from inside, also the bridge looks like its on the bottom of the ship which is very unusual.

Sarek also makes appearance in the video clip, and has some words of wisdom for Burnham

“Great unifies are few and far between, but they do come. Often such leaders will need a profound cause for their followers to rally around,”

If Sarek and Burnham are BFFs, this presents some interesting questions about her character…  Was Burnham raised on Vulcan? Because that what it looks like from the trailer and that is… pretty awesome.

We also get to see the new communicator which Starfleet use and looks very much like a flip phone.

I have watched these two clips several times and i must admit I am looking forward to Discovery when it finally comes out.

CBS have also added three more episodes to Discovery, it was originally going to have 12 episodes but this has now been changed to 15.

Sci-Pulse reporting that Michael Dorn is doing a guest appearance on Discovery

Could this be true? if it is this could be an excellent cameo!

***UPDATED Tuesday 11/04/2017…..

Nope, Michael Dorn is not set to appear on “Star Trek: Discovery,” but there were discussions about it….

On Sunday April 9th, 2017, Star Trek Alumni and veteran actor Michael Dorn, who is perhaps best known for having played Trek’s first Klingon Federation Officer, Lt. Commander Worf, in Star Trek The Next Generation, sat down for an “Inside the Actor’s Studio” type-format with host Jim Helsinger, who is the Artistic Director for Florida’s Orlando Shakespeare Theater.

Dorn is currently playing the lead of Antony in Shakespeare’sAntony and Cleopatra” at the Orlando Shakespeare Theater from March 29 through April 30, 2017. The event was billed as an “Evening with Michal Dorn” in which the actor talked in a very personal and relaxed setting to a full house of about 150 guests, with Orlando Shakes Jim Helsinger asking the well known thespian about his life, Star Trek, flying, his likes and dislikes, along with a host of other interesting topics.

Toward the end of the event, the floor was opened to questions from the audience, with perhaps half of the questions centering around Star Trek, while the other questions further explored the personal side of Dorn’s very interesting and notable career. Chief among the Star Trek related questions however was one which touched upon Dorn’s recent attempts at producing a Star Trek show in which his well known character, Worf, would in fact be the captain of his own ship. While Dorn’s attempts to get this show up and running have to date been uneventful, Dorn did say that Trek fans would in fact get to see him appear as a guest star in the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery, as a Klingon ancestor of Lt. Commander Worf, saying, “. . . the first episodes of the new series center around the Klingons.”

Dorn indicated that the producers from Star Trek: Discovery approached him about a year ago to see if the actor would be interested in guest starring as a descendant of Worf in the new series, which Dorn admitted he thought was a fun idea, which he hopes the fans will enjoy, with the many Trek fans in the audience erupting in gleeful cheers and applause.

As a side note, Dorn also indicated that he was however only paid .065 percent for his work on the show, of what he was earning when he left Star Trek, to which the crowd likewise responded with a unified, reassuring and somewhat humorous, “Aaaaawwww . . .” for the seemingly underpaid Trek actor.

Production on the Discovery began January 24th of this year and is slated to last approximately eight months…...

Sci-Pulse link link

Leaked Photo Gives First Look At Klingons In STAR TREK: DISCOVERY

A leaked photo surfaced on Saturday, which is said to have been taken by someone currently working on the set of Star Trek: Discovery and may be our first look at the show’s Klingons in full makeup and wardrobe.

“Hanging out with my new Klingon Crew today on the set of the new #startrek”onset-klingon

According to the source of the photo, a friend is “currently working on the set for Star Trek: Discovery,”. The photo’s caption leads us to believe that the person who shot it is working on the show as a Klingon himself.

The other question about this picture is what costume is that on left which you can just make out from the picture posted on Instagram?

But of course the big question is are these Klingons because obviously they look very different to the TOS Klingons which did not have costumes like this!

According to another source today (sunday) on twitter this picture has been reported as FAKE…. we will have to wait and see!