We finally have a release date

The show is finally coming to Netflix in September, and will be shown in two halves..

Starting from Monday, September 25 on Netflix and Sunday, September 24 on CBS before moving to CBS All Access.


Interestingly, the first season will be split into two halves. According to showrunners Aaron Harberts and Gretchen J. Berg, the decision to split the opening season in half was purely a practical one.

“You can’t cut corners or have 95% of what’s on screen be completely original and inspired and then have five percent something you bought at a store,” Berg told Entertainment Weekly. “It has to be cohesive — and it is. I’m so proud of what’s on screen, it’s so beautiful and it’s taking world-building to a whole new level.”

For instance: The bridge of the U.S.S. Discovery. Trek fans think they already know what it looks like from the trailer. But that’s not it — the trailer shows the bridge of the U.S.S. Shenzhou — an entirely different  (and older) ship than the Discovery that the production also had to build. The actual Discovery bridge has yet to be revealed…

The first eight episodes will run on Netflix from September 25 to November 6, with the second chapter to be shown from January 2018.

And is that the new Discovery ship in the poster, it does look cool…



Discovery is a Bigger & Grittier Take on the Series

Discovery will be a series of firsts. It is the first series in the franchise where the main character is not the captain, it is the first officer. Lt. Commander Michael Burnham and being played by Sonequa Martian-Green. And as the actor recently revealed, it will also aim to have a grittier take on the long-running franchise.


Recently, Martian-Green spoke to TVLine about the series, and what audiences should expect:

“This iteration of Star Trek is going to have a different take than the others in the Star Trek canon. It’s going to be bigger, rawer and grittier… and the story’s going to build on itself. It’s going to be a tremendous journey.”

Since Star Trek has always been through the eyes of the captain, to be coming from [his second-in-command’s] mindset is going to be refreshing and challenging in ways that are very thrilling.”

The Paley Center For Media's 34th Annual PaleyFest Los Angeles - Opening Night Presentation:

Typically, because Star Trek is meant to be an ideal future, there is a hopeful tone to the various shows and films. Not that they haven’t turned dark at times. Main characters have been killed off in both the series and films. And sometimes the show has faced darker stories which have included the destruction of entire cultures.

In spite of the promised “grittier” storyline, Star Trek: Discovery still shows a progressive future, much as many of its predecessors have. Martin-Green is the first female African-American lead in a Star Trek series

Award-nominated actor Rainn Wilson has also joined the cast of Discovery as Harry Mudd.

Mudd, the charismatic conman and intergalactic criminal first introduced on Star Trek: The Original Series, is back!